The Architecture.


The first thing to strike you when you arrive on Mykonos is the architecture. The style is known as the Mykonos or Cycladic Cube and it is just that, a cube with rounded corners and, by law, all construction must follow this pattern. It is amazing the variety of buildings which can be achieved by piling cubes on top of each other or joining them side by side.

Individuality is created by the generous application of gleaming white paint on the exterior walls and bright primary colours on balcony rails, doors and window frames.


Good example of the Cube used for a single house.


Cubes combined to make larger buildings with a dovecote added to the roof.

(The island in the background is the Holy Island of Tinos.)


Cubes Galore! This is the wonderful family-run hotel "Rochari".

Have a look, also, at her baby sister "Little Rochari".

or the lovely "Panthea Residence" (formerly Rochari Studios) in Aghios Ioannis. All are based on the Cube and it's varieties.

As you can see, the architecture is fascinating so do take time to enjoy it.

You will be amazed by the variety and ingenuity which the Mykonians put into individualising their property.