Out and About (5).


Many of you will associate Mykonos with the film "Shirley Valentine" which was filmed at Aghios Ioannis, not far from Khora. It is a short bus ride from the town and on the way, near the village of Ornos, you passed a ship which ran aground during a storm some years ago. On a return visit to the Island in 2003, the ship had been removed because of the threat of pollution to the sea.



A few minutes later you will arrive at the village of Ag. Ioannis and one of the first buildings you will see is the hotel where Shirley stays in the film. It is situated near a lovely beach with fine sand.


Shirley Valentine's holiday hotel.


After you have had a cool beer in the actual cafe used in the film, you make your way to meet the bus back to Mykonos Town. The bus stop is situated on a small pier beside a lovely little church which is worth visiting for a few minutes. Aghios Ioannis is a very quiet spot after the bustle of the town, although there are construction sites appearing all over the area which may change that.

Aghios Ioannis harbour, church and bus-stop with the Island of Delos in the background.



If, after all this excitement and wandering about, you feel like having a well earned rest, you can always do as the Greeks do and have a siesta. If you have nowhere to lay your head here are some ideas...

Petros in blissful oblivion.


It's a dog's life... in any language.


If after that you still want to find a place to lay your head you could 'doo' worse than book in here...

Now that's POSH!


Before you finally put your head on the pillow there is something which can't be missed on any visit to Mykonos...