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One of the joys of sitting on the hotel balcony, sipping Sundowners (see below) on Mykonos, is watching the sun set. There are some amazing light effects and the sun really does fall into the sea.




There are no words...





At the end of a wonderful two-week holiday in Greece, using the dregs from our holiday booze stash, a friend and I discovered a wonderfully refreshing drink which we named "Our Sundowners". Here is the recipe...Take a large glass, the larger the better, and into it add a generous slug of Ouzo, next add some chilled fresh orange juice (about the same quantity as Ouzo) and top it up with some sparkling, chilled lemonade. Wonderful...but the Greeks think it's sacrilege. They may be right because it's a bit like putting water in good whisky. When asked what should be put in whisky, my answer is, more of the same. And I'll have more of the same in my sundowners anytime!

Many times I am asked where to find good places to eat in Mykonos. However, being great fans of the rule, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it", my friends and I always eat at the very wonderful taverna, "Restaurant KOSTAS" having found it many years ago. Here you are always sure of a very warm welcome from the staff and owners. Since that day we have never felt the need to look elsewhere although I am sure there are many good restaurants around. For quality of food, price and atmosphere it cannot be beaten. Have a look at their website and you will have all the details of how to find it. You will not be disappointed.

While you are in the area, try to visit the delightful "Photo Gallery" just round the corner from the restaurant. Here you will find wonderful, original black and white photographs by the local photographer, Mykonian, Panorea Galata. You can choose from framed originals, posters or postcards of her exciting, atmospheric and moody works of the island. Panorea has published many books of her works which also includes books of her poetry. She has also exhibited her works all over Greece and Europe. Visit her website by clicking on the Photo Gallery link, for a selection of her available photographs.



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